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Send text message to the US

Hello there! I saw on this community forum that if you have unlimited text, you can send and receive texts messages to and from the United State as long as you remain within Canada. However, the posts were 5 years olds, so I wanted to check if this still applies today. Can i still receive text messages freely from the USA as long as I reside in Canada?

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Yes, If unlimited text included in your plan, it is international texting. (in/out as long as you are residing in Canada).

In the nitty gritty they mentioned “ Includes international text messages sent and received anywhere in Canada. Availability of service will vary by country and is subject to change without notice. Excludes premium and subscription-based messages. Additional data charges apply depending on picture size when roaming in the U.S. and internationally. Picture messaging is supported by BlackBerry smartphone with a SIM card only if a BlackBerry is added to a Koodo plan or a Koodo data plan is chosen. Picture messaging works only if data is turned on.