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how to send an email to Koodo?


I got a charge from the phone number 408-792-6300; However, I didn’t call this number. I did research and found out that people reported the same problem in 2012, per


 I put two examples here: 



I am a Canadian resident. The above phone is a USA phone. I called Koodo many times to ask them to block my phone to call the USA many years ago; however, Koodo failed to do so.

I have spent a lot of time on this issue. Could I get help on how to solve this issue? I.e. block my phone from calling the USA.

I awant Koodo to remove these charges.


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If you are a postpaid customer, you can’t block US calling. Basically anything couldn’t be blocked from Koodo end.

And if you called those numbers by accident, they will charge you and you would have to contact them to dispute (which you mentioned you did). Here is the customer community forum, there isn’t much customers could help to remove it.

If you would like to have trouble-free with US or international calling, you could try prepaid. They limit the area codes for you to call on prepaid.


I got a charge from the phone number 408-792-6300; however, I DID NOT call this number.

Based on https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-408-792-6300 , people had reported the same problem (same phone number) since 2012.

How can I send an email to Koodo management team? I have had this kind of issue for many years even though I kept calling Koodo.

Thank you so much.


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You would have to check your phone and see if you accidentally dialed that number from your handset. I would suggest you check other app also. The link you post above only told other that number was a suspicious number, it did not tell other that you didn’t call it. I saw  cases where customers accidentally dial a callback based on missed calls on their phone.

This is the customer forum, people here don’t have access to your account and Koodo system and had noway to verify if you called or not.

They don’t use email  for communication like this. You could chat with a rep via facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo and ask them to send to manager or you could schedule a callback from their digital bot www.koodo.com/chat and ask to talk to a manager.


Based on the past months’ Koodo bills, the above phone # only showed one time for 28 mins on 1.26/21, it is impossible that I accidentally dialed that number from my handset, or I accidentally dial a callback-based on missed calls on my phone.

I am on the phone with Koodo, but the representative doesn’t have internet access to see  https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-408-792-6300

How to let Koodo management see Koodo community posts.


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I thought I answered the question already. This is a public forum. If you would like to dispute, you would have to contact them directly follow the methods mentioned above. 

You don't want to dispute your bill in a public place as they need your personal information to verify your account.