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Koodo Fidelity Reward Points System !

I would like Koodo to start a Fidelity Reward Points System !
Here's how i see it.

With every monthly invoice, 4% of your invoice is converted into Fidelity Reward Points. 

***Redeeming and Tracking
You can use your Online account to get a new phone, a Travel Pack or an add-on as 1 point = 1$.

You'll also find your balance on your monthly Statement. Remember, each of your Reward points = 1$. 

***Get Travel Packs
Travelling outside Canada? Use your Reward points to purchase a Travel Pack and enjoy big savings on voice and text messaging.

***Get Add-ons
When you want a new add-on, you can pay with your Reward points for the first month or two...

***On your invoice
All your Reward points transactions will appear on your next bill.
  • Handset purchase :Reward points are applied on the total amount of the bill, including taxes.
  • Add-ons :Reward points are applied on the amount before without taxes (Reward points cannot be used to pay taxes on Add-ons) for add-ons.
  • Reward points used will appear under the Other Charges and Credits section of your bill.
What do you think ?

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Hi Marty, great idea! However this is the French section of the community. If you speak French, the best would be to translate it and post it again. Otherwise, you are more then welcome to post it in the English one: http://fanpage.koodomobile.com/ideas/ 🙂 Thank you and good luck!